Friday, August 5, 2011

Spotlight: Joe Hernandez Kolski

My friend Joe Kolski is one fly mofo. Because of him I can say I’m buddies with a guy who was on Def Poetry Jam (see below). And you know that makes the ladies swoon. When I met Joe he was an 18-year old Chicagoan with a mullet down to his shoulders who did not look comfortable in the ivied halls of Princeton. So he took a semester off from school, worked in D.C.,and returned the political activist/artist/intellect he is today. He also came back not just having discovered his Latino roots, but clearly identifying himself as a loud and proud Polish-Mexican. (Tell me you don’t know a bunch yourself). He’s taken his spoken word magic on the road the last ten years – often performing at colleges reaching out to the kids today trying to provide a little insight and enlightenment and levity. He talks in clear and real and poetic ways in a flow so smooth you don’t even realize how polished it is. He also introduced me to boxing. He was as sensitive as a guy can be – the counterweight to all of hip hop’s chauvinism – and finally he decided he needed more raw power. So he found it in the ring. And I have to admit, it’s a damn good rush. So if you want to go box with us, drop me a line, but in the meantime, check out Joe’s brand new solo show “AWAKE” at The Bootleg Theatre running until August 20.  

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