Monday, August 8, 2011

A Mansion of One’s Own

A week ago I was at an event with appetizers. Little gourmet appetizers. The moment I took a bite, I had a "Madeleine" moment and was transported back to when I was a student at Princeton and I sang with an a cappella group - The Tigertones. We sang at parties that always had these fine treats. Often alums would books us for gigs. We sang in their homes, country clubs, and embassies around the world. We mingled. We plucked their trays empty of food. We smiled at the old people. We sang well. We made people smile. We got free drinks. We smiled more. We sang encores. They remembered a fantasy of what it was like to be young. We lived it. They pushed their daughters on us. Life was sweet. Since my hosts went to Princeton and I was going there at the time, I figured, eventually I'd probably have houses like theirs and host students like me. You know, maybe in 20 years... 
19 years later I'm living in the least expensive apartment I've had in over a decade. And I'm grateful to have found it. I share it with my girlfriend and a roommate. It's rent controlled and I'm technically not supposed to be living there. If I got caught, I could get evicted. So when the landlords are around I have to hide. They're working on refurbishing some unoccupied apartments, so they're around a lot. Their hours are also very irregular. They'll come in the morning, stay for an hour or four and sometimes return in the afternoon. So when I see the landlords leave, I make a break for the door even if it means I'll be hours early for a meeting I have. Then I arrive at my destination and sit in my car, typing blog entries. Like this one.

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  1. haha. not bad at all! you got a girl, and a warm roof over your head.

    I'm 29.

    I just finished what was suppose to be a promising run at the most notable design school in Holland but ended in disaster.

    This is an addition to an engineering/computer science degree from UCLA.

    And after all of that, I'm back to 0 figuring out how to support myself since, I seriously don't fit into any kind of 'normal' job setting.

    Oh, and I should mention that, starting next week, I will be "camping" outdoors for 2 months before I fly back to the states. And it's cold here in Holland now. I figure, let's just go straight to the bottom and stare at it in the face for a while.