Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

For years people have been telling me Friday Night Lights was the best show on TV since The Wire went off the air. I didn't start watching because I knew it might well become an addiction. I know my weaknesses. Example: In less than a week I finished the first season. Of course I had to wait for the show to end before I could begin. And I have to say, it is pretty great. But I'm still just amazed how compelled I felt to finish the whole thing so quickly. It's sort of brilliant the way shows like that have designed their architecture to suck you in and bring you back. While the idea of a cliff hanger is a no brainer, that's been around for ages, to create that intense connection with more subtle dramatic devices is a mightier task to pull off. The effect is like listening to a symphony that stops mid movement - unresolved. You end up feeling a nearly physical urge to complete the story lines in the same way you NEED to hear the resolution of a suspended 4th. You will not be able to sleep until you return to the dominant chord. And a few days later, you just spent 17 hours of your life watching a slightly more mature version of my grandma's "Stories".
What keeps you coming back - desperate to see how it turns out?

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