Thursday, August 25, 2011

Free Live, Classical and New Music in California

Love classical and "New Music" but can't afford the tickets? You're in luck if you're in California. I just spent the last 4 days ushering for the inaugural Days and Nights Festival produced by Philip Glass. A new 3 week festival of New Music in Carmel Valley. Drop them a line and say you want to help out. They're still looking for some volunteers. And if you're in Los Angeles, did you know LA Phil at the Hollywood Bowl has open and free rehearsals during the day? And parking is free! For instance tomorrow morning at 9:30AM I'm going to hear them do the dress rehearsal for the John Williams concert that's being performed that evening. I'm going with my girlfriend and a few other friends. Email me if you want to meet us there. And just call the box office for a list of times and dates for all the other rehearsals. (323) 850-2000. (It's usually every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30am next week and 10am the week after that, though there's also a rehearsal on the 9th & 12th) You won't find them listed online anywhere so call to make sure. It's a hidden secret so few in LA even know about. I mean, come on. Classical music has never sounded so free. Just bring a hat and some sunblock. And see you at rehearsal!

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