Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blogging Demographics

Every now and then I think my blogging might be totally pointless. I only read a few other blogs myself with any consistency blog.amandapalmer.net, johnaugust.com and betsylerner.com. (I read John Adam's Hellmouth Blog as well, but he's pretty inconsistent.) Both are very specific in design. Amanda's is filled with the delightful rantings from the singer/songwriter. John's is a screenwriter's blog for useful information written by a successful and generous screenwriter. And Betsy's is by a book agent who's also a published author known for her candor and her slightly insane and filthy way of writing. Betsy's blog is always short and ends with a question to which she averages 50 responses. Often from the same people. A community has developed from that. John's blog seems to have a much bigger readership and while he doesn't end each blog with a question. Tons of people chime in, often to say thanks for him being such a great and open guy. John spotlights the up and comers whether or not they're successful yet. So people get what it's like in the trenches on your way up, not just from his successful vantage point. Betsy writes bi-polar screeds which  have such painful autobiographical truths you feel like she's stripping and showing you her scars. And the women who read her faithfully love her for it. LOVE HER.

But I didn't really know what else is out there, so I decided to try the "NEXT BLOG" feature on the top of my own blog to see what it sent me to - like a blogger's ChatRoulette. If it's representative of what's out there, here are my results: 70% of blogs are Christian in nature. 10% young people blasting every random thing about their lives. 10% person travel blogs and 10% about fantasty online gaming.
In 2008, Technorati found 112.8 million blogs. According to http://socialmediatoday.com/SMC/204370 as of 2010 it's almost 50/50 men and women blogging. 50% are 21-35. (So I'm in the minority there).

7 Religious Blogs

1 Girl Who Just Graduated

1 Travel Blog

1 Fantasy League Blog


  1. I appreciate your blog

  2. Thanks, and here I thought almost no one reads my blog. In fact, I sometimes wonder if anyone reads anything anymore which is why I'm thinking about beginning to Vlog. If I do, I'll be sure to post here.