Thursday, July 21, 2011

They’re Your Age But Much More Successful – Have A Nice Day

I am constantly shocked at how people who I thought were much older than me are in fact my age plus or minus a few years. Am I the only one who's surprised by these things? I just read that Wyclef Jean (who nearly became president of Haiti) is just a few months older than me. I remember when I first heard The Score in 1997. How could he have been that big 14 years ago if we were the same age? Back when I was a wee 26 year-old who'd done basically nothing in life, he seemed quite adult.  Something I didn't see myself as at the time. Stranger still, I recently saw Rob Lowe is only 6 years older than me. How is that possible? He's been famous since I was in high school. So when I was 15, he was 21. But he seemed so much more adult I intuitively assumed he was a good 10-15 years older. Now that I'm 40 and he's 46 we seem nearly the same age and I ask myself how that's possible? Maybe if I were more successful it'd seem different - because I'd have caught up to him. But I'm still a nobody and he's been huge, fallen into obscurity and climbed his way back to fame all while I've accomplished... well almost nothing it feels like most days. And the list of people I'm shocked about when I discover their real age just increases over time. There must be a word for this. I bet the Germans have one. 

Is there someone you'd always assumed was older and you were shocked to find out you were the same age?

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