Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stalker Nation

Facebook is stalking. We've become a nation of stalkers. A world of stalkers. Sometimes it's a strange curiosity. Other times it's less healthy which twists our idea of reality. We look at vacation photographs of people we used to work with. We do the virtual drive-by of that ex, but instead of just parking across from her house for a moment to savor the memories banished to the past, now you silently invade her life and see her baby photos. The babies you could have made with her. It used to be, you had to see them in person to look at those pictures, now you peer in through the virtual nursery and steal a glance. Another potential paramour doesn't even know we look at every one of their status updates. And unconsciously we feel they must look at ours in the same way, but in fact, they may not care less. And so we click our way deeper into an illusion of closeness, daily, when in fact we're just ticky-ticky tapping some plastic alone in our room. Try this. Close your laptop and keep tapping on the case of your computer for 60 seconds. That's all we're really doing. Feel close now? I just did it and I feel very, very alone. Weird, huh?

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