Friday, July 8, 2011

Spotlight: Theatre Movement Bazaar

More than a decade ago, I had the pleasure of seeing Richard Alger and Tina Kronis perform in their deliriously inventive Cornography, recently premiered at the 1997 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. A dozen productions later, they are going back with a new piece. Now others perform their creations through their company Theatre Movement Bazaar. And it’s amazing to see other people embody their spirit. And Mark Skeens, Ernesto Cayabyab, Derrick Oshana, Jacxon L. Ryan, and Kevin Chambers do a brilliant job of it. 
What exactly are they doing? Well, their work can’t be described effectively and the video certainly captures little of the impact of the piece. But I can tell you this, they make Checkov funny and relevant and human. And how often does that happen? You shouldn’t miss it. But unless you’re heading to Edinburgh your only chance to see it (after its run last year at LACC) is a one-night only benefit at The Bootleg Theatre on July 23. So get your tickets now. You’ll be thanking me for years.
What’s the last live performance you saw that you recommended to someone else?

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