Monday, July 25, 2011


My girlfriend recently pointed out I had some renegade eyebrow hairs. As one ages fellows like me get these long bendy strays. But I don’t often notice them and I felt embarrassed she stopped a few. With no scissors handy,  I went to the mirror when she wasn’t looking and tried to pull out the major offenders. But instead of a spot job,  I got a whole bunch in my grasp and yanked them out whole. Now I’ve got a little hairless patch in my brow. I hoped it wouldn’t noticeable to anyone else until they grew back. But I when I told her about my over-reach,  she said,  “You know they don’t grow back when you pluck them.” “Really?” I asked,  light-years from my esthetician degree. “Just think about Amanda Palmer,” she said. "...Oh,  shit."

What’s the last thing you tried to fix,  but ended up making it worse?

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