Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Re-Made

Last week I made hard boiled eggs. There's a strange amount of controversy around the best way to make them. (Though not as much controversy as there is around whether to put one or two spaces after a period. Can you believe 32 people commented on that when I raised the query in my facebook status last week? And yet no one comments on my blog.)  Back to the eggs. Finally, I decided on the Martha Stewart Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs method. It's simple: Put eggs in pot. Bring water to a boil. Turn off heat. Let sit for exactly 12 minutes. Sounds easy, right. Sadly, I can't follow directions. I wanted an egg right away, so I took the eggs out and put them into an ice water bath.  Worse, afraid I'd let them sit too long because I'm so distractable and had gotten into a conversation with my roommate, so I began taking the eggs out at around 10 minutes. That way I thought I could also get the last out at 12 minutes so none would be over cooked. But when I opened one and the shell was hard to get off, I grew concerned. And when I finally just bit right in, I got to the middle I discovered it wasn't cooked all the way through. It was still soft in the center. I was really sad I'd screwed up something so simple. I wanted to chop some up and put it in my salad. No go with a soft yolk. So today, I reboiled them. I had no idea if this would work or make them worse... or just weird. I'm going to have one for lunch and we'll see. 
But it made me wonder. When you have an idea for a project, but it doesn't quite work the first time, can you go back and find a way to revitalize it and make it great? Or do you just throw it away and start again?

UPDATE: I fixed the eggs. So yes. You can go back to the drawing board and fix things. Now if only my screenplay would behave so obligingly.


  1. I also find it hard to boil eggs. Maybe because I am also bad a following directions. Now I buy them pre-cooked and peeled at the supermarket. I like the EB-brand, if that is available in CA. Trader Joe's have a slightly strange consistency.

  2. I didn't even know you could buy hard boiled eggs at the supermarket!

  3. Ok, now I'm commenting on your blog! Even easier egg recipe: put them in a pan with cold water, turn the heat on, and cook for 17 minutes; that's it. No waiting for it to boil before you start timing, no nothing. Just 17 minutes. Always seems to work! Also, I've always been told that the difficulty of peeling is related to egg freshness, not cooking method, FWIW.