Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sometimes writing is a breeze. It all just comes right out. Recently it’s been a slog. I distract myself every few minutes with a trip to Facebook because every time I do write something it just feels like I’m going in the wrong direction. Like the whole effort is meaningless. But I’m so far along with this one big project I feel like it would be an incredible waste to just stop. So I take breaks and work on other thing to clear my mind,  but every time I come back,  it’s like I’m writing in molasses. I look at what I’ve done and I hate everything. I look back at my 10-page prose outline and I think it works. It’s an interesting story. But it’s not translating into a script,  so I wrote a beat sheet - numbering each scene which I write out in one action sentence to see if I can make it any more clear to myself what I need to be doing. But that isn’t helping either., What do you do when everything you try feels like you’re wading through molasses?

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