Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Major Score

Last week I ran over my power cord with my office chair. Though I was on soft carpet,  the wheels were able to pull the cord right apart. Didn't quite slice it,  didn't quite yank it in two,  but it's unfixable. I was quite dismayed about the prospect of buying a new cord. My old Powerbook with the old circular non-magnetic connector ate through a number of those cords (when did something as simple and often as tripping over the cable),  so I know they're not cheap. And they were never an improvement. As soon as I got the new one,  I had the potential to kill it within days. It happened so frequently I started going to the MacStore and complaining. They knew it was a huge problem and I talked my way into getting two for free. Not this time. $86 later,  I trudged home and powered up my old laptop. Amazingly though,  this power cable IS better. It attaches from the side instead of straight on (which I actually preferred). BUT it not only charges the battery so it lasts longer when it's not plugged in,  but it must charge at a lower intensity,  so the machine rarely ever heats up,  which turns on the fan,  which drains the battery (not to mention it makes it impossible to hold in my lap it's so hot). I'm amazed what I thought was just a replacement is actually an improvement.
When was the last time something you thought was an Epic Fail turned out to be a major score?


  1. Not sure, but write a post where it's the other way around and I'll have lots of stories to help you out.

  2. I've got a few of those too.