Thursday, July 14, 2011

Epic Meal Time vs. The Next Big Gig

My blog has had 500 hits since I started posting again. Woo-hoo! It’s only taken 3 weeks and 16 pieces. That means on average each one gets about 31 people taking a peek. Epic Meal Time gets 5,000,000 views per video on average. 14 people follow my blog, but over 500 are part of my Facebook Group. So not many people from Facebook are going to my blog it would seem. And now Facebook is forcing me to switch to a fan page and is closing down my group. That means I’ll have less control in how I contact people, so I hope you’ll consider signing up to follow this blog (as well as my FB fan page). I promise consistent musing, a weekly spotlight of a great artists you haven’t heard about and really embarrassing stories about me – Moth or no Moth. So thanks again for reading, and I have a question... 

What could get you to comment on here? More embarrassing typos? A discussion about who's to blame for the EPIC FAIL RE: the debt ceiling negotiations? Or how about this... What if you tell me about any "under-known" artists you think I should get to know about and I'll give them a spotlight on the blog?


  1. Hello David. I generally don't comment on blogs on pages such as this (blogspot, etc.) because I'm under the impression one has to have a log in for it. If I'm wrong, I'll start commenting. I read the majority of your blogs and enjoy them!

  2. Thanks for reading! And, you figured out how to comment anonymously. Did you have to login to post?

  3. You're welcome! And no, I didn't have to log into anything to post anonymously, but I think I would if I wanted to do it another way. I didn't necessarily want to be anonymous, either... forgive me while I try other options.