Sunday, June 26, 2011


I’m wondering if anyone read my post last week “The Bane of Cartman” and said “I know exactly who he’s talking about! He’s in trouble now!” I tried to be vague about the artist I was railing on, because I wanted to be passionate in my outrage that such work could get such continual support and appreciation, but I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings – mostly because I feel like a shit when it gets back to me that I did. But it’s so easy to triangulate people these days. If you looked on Facebook, you’d have a clue who I was talking about even though I didn’t mention it in a post. Then you’d have to go through the performance listings of the day you think I saw the offending production and go from there. I know one person who could probably put it all together if he thought about it, but I was relieved when someone else I thought could have figured it out, asked me to reveal the mystery. I learned it was dangerous to assume it’s not that small a world when a few years ago I was applying for a job and in trying to make this blog helpful to others interested in figuring out how the TV biz worked, I posted about the interview process I’d been through and while I didn’t name the show I’d interviewed for, I mentioned that I heard my potential boss ‘could be difficult and liked to nap’. I didn’t think this would blow his cover (or my chances for the job), but someone I know emailed me hours later telling me to take down the blog for my own good. People would know who I was talking about and I’d never work in this town again. I was incredulous that she could identify him from those seven words I’d written. I mean, I’d never even met him yet myself. But when she guessed correctly (in a private email) I took the blog post down so as not to offend. In the end, I got the job and found the boss delightful not difficult and his legend of napping most exaggerated. But I didn’t write again for a while and began to wonder if attempting to blog about trying to land a gig in this town was just career suicide. In fact, besides the masterclass, I’ve really shied away from writing about the business since then. Perhaps it’s wise, but I’d like to be able to write about it so others in similar pursuits could get something from it.
Have you ever gotten into trouble for posting about someone when you thought you’d kept their identity hidden?

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