Wednesday, June 15, 2011


If you're wondering why I haven't posted here in a while it's because I've begun to find writing and sharing online a bit dangerous lately. In the past, I've hurt the feelings of friends I haven't talked to in years (But they read my blog? Who reads my blog?!) by including them in humorous short stories (that I thought were mostly embarrassing to me). But more recently I posted something on Yelp that I thought would be anonymous since you can't see my last name. I Yelped that I loved a certain high profile feature film director when he gave public talks, but hated the venue he chose. They tracked me down. And not only did it manage to deeply offend him, it led to trouble for a friend who knows the guy who was there when I saw this director talk. I felt horrible to have gotten her into hit water. It was amazing though. I can't get anyone in this town to read a script of mine, but one playfully melodramatic, backhanded compliment Yelp and it goes straight to a top director while I get sent to the Hollywood Doghouse. Yup. Apparently my post so hurt his feelings I even had to write an apology.

Another reason I've decided not to blog much lately is because I'm seeking employment and sometimes the unfiltered mind of an applicant isn't the best thing to attract a future employer.

And last night I found another reason not to post things about my life online. I was at a concert where the guy performing mentioned he no longer uses Foursquare because three times now, he's posted he's somewhere enjoying something only to discover he'd been robbed when he got home. Someone was just waiting to make sure he was out of the house.

But despite that danger, I've decided to go back into more frequent blogging. Why? I'm spending most of my time on large, long term projects with no end date. And I want create something that I can finish quickly and get out there, so people don't forger I'm around and to generate some more interaction with my audience.

So Bloggers, Yelpers and 4Square Beware!

And have you ever been caught posting something online that's gotten you into trouble? Do tell.

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