Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spalding & Me

Eight years ago last week (January 21, 2002) I began a month-long stay with Spalding Gray as he mentored me and nine others at The Atlantic Center for the Arts. I was starting a new monologue about my friend Danielle's suicide, but over the month it became as much about Spalding and his struggles with depression after his accident as well as the profoundly toxic environment I found myself in at this artist colony. We were marooned in a swamp where there was little cell reception, so I wrote extremely long emails to a few dozen friends to appraise them of the insanity I was treading through.

For this anniversary, as Steven Soderberg releases his Spalding 'documentary' "And Everything Is Going Fine" at Slamdance , I'm shaping up and cleaning up everything I wrote about that time and I'll be posting these writings over the next few weeks in a blog called “Spalding & Me”.


Spalding was a hero of mine before we even met. I chose my first job out of college to work near him (at the Wooster Group) and I've found numerous folk who've been influenced by him over the years.

So I'd love your comments on my posts there. Share your own memories of encountering Spalding or/and his work. And I'd be thrilled if you became a follower on Blogspot for that blog too.



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