Sunday, August 9, 2009

TALA Masterclass Day 9-10 (and extra day)

Day 9
We had 1-on-1 meetings with many one of the masters of our choice. I met with Sarah Treem. What can I say? She’s unassuming, with a keen mind and someone who’s had a remarkable path to success. What did I say? I can’t quite recall. Hopefully I didn’t embarrass myself too badly.

For the second half of the day, Israeli’s spoke with us. The President of the Israeli Film Fund. A documentary filmmaker. So many people. I already can’t remember anymore. It’s just a blur. All I can tell you is that we finished the night with a meal served to us by deaf servers in the lobby/restaurant that houses a theatre where they do performances of a show featuring an entire cast of Deaf and Blind actors. We didn’t see the show, but it sounds fascinating.

Day 10
A half-day. The final good byes. Ruth turned the camera on us (with no warning) and said, OK, what did you think of the master class?” Yikes. Way to put us on the spot. A few criticism were deservedly laid out, but most people focused on what they got out of it in a positive light and people really genuinely got a log out of this.

Many people were leaving the next day. A wonderful farewell lunch and then we all went our several ways. But we were told there was a special addendum to the Masterclass. A few American execs were traveling in Israel just by chance and they’d gotten them to come in for a session where a few Israelis would pitch.

I asked “Why no Americans?” I was told most would be gone.
I said “I’m here”.
“You want to pitch?”
“I’d love to.”

Later that night we had wonder dinner at Chartucherie owned by the father of a participant Natalie.

Day 11 (not on the calendar)
Day off. My dad and I walked around old Jaffa and I saw a cool show called “Momentum” by the group Mayamuna. It was sorta’ like “Stomp” with singing and fewer props. If you ever see it coming through where you live on tour, see it. An amazing cast. And one guy pulls off a video version of a Jon Brion solo looping session playing all the instruments in one song. If you’ve see Jon you know what I mean. Except they did it with video too. Crazy cool.

Day 12 (the added session)
My pitch to David Stapf, president of CBS. Another public pitch. (Thank God it was at 2pm after they’d been talking for 2 hours. And I was second.)

It was possibly the most important 5 minutes of my career over the last 5 years. We’ll see. I pitched him an idea I came up with on my layover in Brussels. And I killed. More on that later. I can’t divulge the details, but I can tell you the pilot does involve an Airsex Championship that someone loses. (Where do I get my ideas from???)

That’s it. That’s the Master Class. I hope you enjoyed being a voyeur. If you want to see the official Masterclass website, go here:

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