Sunday, August 9, 2009

Day 6

Day 6
Full day in Jerusalem. A mandatory visit to Yad Vashem. A few of us noted that they’d toned down the graphic nature of the exhibition. I think to a fault. It had little impact for me and that’s not good for a Holocaust museum.

Then they rushed us off to The AnimationLab. A tres cool brand new animation studio. They’re the Pixar of Israel. They’re working on their first feature film right now “The Wild Bunch”. It’ll be in theatres 2-3 years from now. Looked cool.

The protagonist of the movie is…wait for it…a girl (no!) and WAIT FOR IT…..NOT A PRINCESS. Her name is Daisy - a rambunctious 14 year-old girl who's not a princess. I jokingly asked the producer "Who said you could create a female lead in an animated film who isn't a princess?" She’s an American who used to work at Disney so she had a good laugh. Then I thanked her for pioneering this character.

My little joke goes back to a long standing argument with me and an ex of mine. She thought I wasn’t a feminist. I did. The basis of her feelings may be multi-fold, but they first manifest when I said I like Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” more than “Beauty and The Beast”. (Now’s when the peanut gallery chimes in, ‘that doesn’t make you a feminist, David, that just makes you gay.’) In many ways I do like the story of B&B more as well (except the end. I prefer the Cocteau.), but my issue with B&B are the lyrics. I like Mermaid more because of the songs. And especially because Howard Ashman (lyricist) died from AIDS halfway through writing B&B. His amazing contribution to those songs is so palpable and those songs are so elevated compared to his successor, that whenever I hear the lyrics of Tim Rice who filled in after Alan died, it just gets me mad that Alan died so young. And watching B&B, I have a hard time not thinking about it. I actually DO like the story more. I just miss Howard and his brilliant lyrics. And that’s why I like Little Mermaid more. (That and I have a thing for redheads) And this got me kicked out of the feminist club. So it goes.
We also stopped in the Cinamatek in Jerusalem and heard about a wonderful program where they support teenager rom various enthnic groups to make short docs. We saw one about an Ethiopian muslim family. Great stuff.

Our tour through the old city was rushed, with a quick stop for hummus in the Muslim Quarter, but as usual we were exhausted by the end of the day and crawled into our beds when we got home.


  1. Little Mermaid is vastly superior to Beauty and the Beast. I wanted to like B&B more, but I know what's good. I guess my feminist credentials are pretty shaky these days too...but I completely agree with you.

  2. Thanks for the affirmation :-)