Monday, July 27, 2009

Tala Master Class - Day 5

Day 5


I slept late. 6 hours. 3:30am-9:30am.

I puttered around til 10:30am. Got to the beach just before noon after walking 10 minutes the wrong direction at first.

I’m usually the one with the map, telling people how to get places and since Daniel and others have been so great about it, I just let that go. I feel like a woman (sorry for the generalization, but it’s amazing the number of women I know well who say they just have no sense of direction and no interest or ability with maps). It’s been kind of nice. Except when I have 20 minutes extra walking to get to the beach.

Shmuel called to join me at 2pm and he and his girlfriend and I had a beer feet from the water.

Finally we went in together. It's like a bath. Then he wanted to pitch me his story.

See, Shmuel is an Ethopian Jew. He told me about his escape from Ethiopia as we waded in the Meditteranean. I didn't realize the goven't there had ‘pulled a Khmer Rouge’ type auto-genocide killing 500,000 people back in 1978. I knew it was bad, but I thought just against the Jews. And that’s why Israel airlifted them out – around 100,000 in my memory. Well, before the big airlift (there were 2 operations actually), his family decided not to wait. They had no idea the Israeli’s would be coming to save them, so when he was 7 years old, they walked for 2 months all the way to... Sudan – near Darfur and he eventually got to Israel. He wants to make it into a movie. I told him about the film “The Killing Fields”. He needs to see it. Question is who'll fund the movie. He also knows very little about development hell and how producers will buy scripts, rewrite them to hell and bring it back to the original writer to fix what they broke. So I gave him a little masterclass from what I know of my friends who've gone through it.

Later I met with a friend who lives here, but I met when she spent a year in LA. Great conversation. She’s up to good things. Including a script for a feature film directed by…the guy my roommate was having lunch with (I found this out later that evening). It’s a small small world.

At the end of the evening, six of us walked down to Old Jaffo at sunset and found some dinner. Beautiful country.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a great time! So happy for you! Learn lots, learn lots!! - Christine Foy