Monday, July 20, 2009

En Route to Tel Aviv

I'm sitting in the Brussels airport with free wifi blogging away. Previous updates on Facebook:

Wild. I'm sitting here in Brussels at the Grand Place. I have almost no idea what time it is or where I am. But it's kinda cool. Only thing is, it's a Monday. Every museum is closed. Good thing I'm not in a museum mood. Just had a belgium waffle was great. Must have been the chocolate sauce. It's only 10:18am, so... When can I start drinking beer?

It's after Noon, so I say the drinking can begin. Off to find some moules fritte so I have something to wash down. Found the moules fritte just in time. It started to downpour and I didn't take an umbrella with me. Got dry and got my first beer. A Trappiste Westmalle Dunke. And now the sun has come out as I sit at a covered table outside on a cobblestone street. Sweet.

Well I saw the pissing boy and it wasn't much. I had another beer and now I'm pretty sleepy.

ON the 20 min train ride back to the airport I came up with half a dozen new TV pilot pitches. Some are stupid. They might like those the most.

We have:

Release Technique - Based on my feature film about an unemployed musician whose girlfriend threatens to leave him if he doesn't start making some money. He begins a happy ending massage business (by accident) and the money's so good he just can't stop.

Old Codger - "Gran Torino" as a half hour dark premium cable comedy - without the modern crucifiction at the end. INstead, the ongoing tale of a cranky old man who hates that foreigners have invaded his neighborhood until he is forced to befriend the teenage boy and girl next door.

Walkabout - Hour long drama that looks like reality show following an Aussie TV travel host as he gets into trouble every episode. Each episode he's in a new time zone. 24 a season.

We're boarding...more when I land.

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