Friday, June 26, 2009

First blog in ages on the last day of work

It’s my last day at work. I’m the first one here. And that’s a first.
This is my first blog in months on this site. But I’ve been blogging for work. That’s part of why I stopped.
The original reason why I stopped was that I started writing other things once again. I wrote a pilot of my old blog The 40 Year Old Assistant. I wrote treatments for three children’s movies and one supernatural thriller and I revised old scripts that weren’t quite working yet.
The other reason I stopped was that there was an extra on the set of HawthoRNe and she blogged about the experience. While there was nothing preventing her from doing so and nothing even warning her that it would be frowned upon, she was not invited back and for all I know she may be persona non grata with Sony productions in the future. The thing about that I find hard is that not only did she have no indication that what she was doing would have those consequences…she didn’t say ANYTHING negative. I read the blog. It was a completely accurate picture of what’s going on. The thing the powers that be were most upset about were that she mentioned Will Smith was on set. At the time this was not public knowledge. I understand that for security reasons, you might not want that info out there. We might get mobbed with fans if they figure out where we’re shooting, etc.
So it’s my last day here and I’m feeling all kinds of regrets.
I didn’t get to know the crew other than a few of the ADs. I didn’t spend that much time on set even though I was supposed to for my blog. I didn’t get to know the cast aside from a few interviews with them that I did for the blog. And I didn’t even get to know most of the other assistants – either on the production or on the writers’ side. Julia, the Assistant to the Line Producer I tease like the kid sister I never had and I’m grateful for that relationship, but we’ll go days without seeing one another. I just get trapped in the Writers’ Room. Sometimes it’s because I have work. More often it’s because when I don’t have work I surf the net or try to do writing. Funnily, she has the job I first interviewed for and I have to say she’s better at it that I would be. She still has the wide-eyed enthusiasm that has escaped me. She also has the will to work 14 hour days as an assistant and power through. I usually pulled 8 hour days if not less.
In the last few days I’ve talked a bit with the art department coordinator and she’s really cool. I also have talked more with the Writer’s Production Assistant and she’s moving on from TV to get her Masters in Family Therapy at CIIS which I think is fantastic. These are people I could be friends with in real life and I’m only just getting to know them.
I've had so little to do sometimes, I easily took on the additional role of being the official TNT blogger for HawthoRNe. Two blogs a week. As you'll see, it's real hard-hitting mud-raking. :-)
We just aired our second episode and TNT is happy with the ratings, so if we keep up our numbers, they’ve indicated they may very well order a second season.
I have mixed feelings about that, but that’s for another blog. In the meantime, I have to get back to work and finish my blogs for HawthoRNe on TNT, Tuesdays at 9PM starring Jada Pinkett-Smith.

UPDATE: HawthoRNe indeed got a 2nd and 3rd season. Most of the writing staff did not return. Myself included.

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  1. Hi D,
    I'm just reading your blogs for the first time (all of them at once) as I really don't spend any time on Facebook or know how to follow my friend's activities. I love your writing, and can see exactly what you mean that the official Hawthorne blogs are whitewash. Polite, well composed, mildly intersting if you're a fan of the show, but essentially without anything susbstantial or juicy to them. I can almost see the fingerprints of the tangible editorial constraints in the writing.