Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Virtual Sneezing

A friend and fan of VIRTUAL MOTION. (Yes, they exist/persist! Apparently getting that show out of your head’s like trying to get rid of herpes. Except more enjoyable and less embarrassing - unless you start quoting the shizzaz in public by whipping your arm up into there air, finger pointed to the sky and start yelling in a funny voice “MIIIIKE!?” (See bottom.))

Anyway, she sent me a lovely article a few days ago about a man who sneezes himself into a car crash. This is REAL. Not an April Fools joke.

Thanks Sarah!

I have a true affection for that particular dramatic action as it both opens and closes that crazy little opera of mine. (actually we see the death by sneeze 5 times throughout the piece. I wanted to create the air of inevitability.) Luckily in real life, the driver who lost control of his vehicle while sneezing just drove into someone’s house and survived. Sounds like a scene from some movie.

Mike from VM on the other hand is at a serious disadvantage. First he’s on the phone (no-headset – It’s 1998. Who used a headset then?) Second, as a handicapped bloke who uses hand controls for acceleration and braking, he drives off the road and into a tree and dies just as he’s returning to his love. He’s realized he shouldn’t have broken up with her. He finally sees he did so out of fear and now that he’s opened up his heart to her and is calling to tell her he loves her, he sneezes, loses control of his car and tragically dies. Just like an opera. (Mimi!) Or Vonnegut in the funn, pointless and random route to death. (*)

And here's a bit of Mike's mom yelling at him. Funny thing is people who saw this always thought I must have a terrible relationship with my mom. Nope. Just usin' the old imagination again.

This video from 1998 looks like hell as most video of live performance does (esp weird ass shit like mine), but it can serve as a reminder for those who've seen it. For those who haven't, good luck.