Thursday, April 2, 2009


Last Thursday I had my first "real world", most unexpected blog-fan experience. I never really believe people actually read this despite the counter registering 530 hits. I figure if I check it every day and my mom checks it every day, that’s a good 60 hits right there, so who are the other 470 hits? 47 people who’ve stopped by the blog 10 times each. Even still that’s more than I would have expected. And I have no way of knowing who’s actually reading it if you don’t comment, so it took me completely by surprise when I got a hello from a fairly new friend/colleague “Ginger” who makes rent as a server in a restaurant in my old hood. I was my first time in the place (though I used to live 3 blocks) so it was a lovely surprise to see her there. And it was a complete shock that she said she really enjoyed my blog. I was out with friends who can testify to the authenticity of the incident. I have to keep reminding myself that people read this thing.

Anyway, thanks for the props Ginger! You made my night.

As for the rest of you. Let’s step it up! Stop me on the street. Embarrass me on line at the grocery store. Flatter me before yoga. Your choice. :-)

Or you could just leave a comment for the cyberworld to chew on. That would actually be great.


  1. Hey there! I noted you on FB, but I'll note you here since I'll never run into you before a Yoga class. :)

    BTW, made the eggs the way Martha taught Jeff... and it's brought our Easter eggs to a whole new level. Who knew and egg could be so good. LOL

  2. Hey Donna, thanks for commenting. Sorry I only just saw it, but I'm glad you had good eggs.