Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Dreams

Two dreams.

Sat night
I'm being chased around a 2 story cabin by a small bear. He never gets me.

Friday night
I'm riding a bale of hay. It's a rectangular bale and it's got wheels underneath and it's motorized. My girlfriend is lying face down on it, keeping her head up enough to see the road. I'm lying on top of her. Neither of us is driving, but I realize I missed the exit I was aiming for to get off for downtown LA. I get off the 10 on what should be San Pedro and I figure I can backtrack on local roads from there, but I can't take a left, so I take a right and suddenly it's another highway - though not as big as the 10. We're going like 60 mph and neither of us is wearing a helmet. In fact we're both naked. Then the bale of hay separates and she zooms ahead. I see her lose control and skid off to the shoulder, where luckily she stops, because it's nearly a sheer cliff a few feet further off the road (We're parallel to the 10 and I think "I didn't know there was a cavern like this right next to the 10") I race over to her and she's alright, but I say. "Are you OK? This is crazy. You're not even wearing a helmet." She says she's OK.

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