Thursday, March 26, 2009

Favorite un-PC line of the day

David is going to celebrate because he just wrote 20 more pages today and kicked out the first draft of his new spec pilot "The 40 Year-Old Assistant". His favorite un-PC line? When our protagonist is taking a temp agency computer exam and having a fit, throwing things at the computer. He's way in the background seen through a sound proofed window. In the foreground a flamingly fey receptionist at the temp agency is talking to a friend. He says...

"Hiii! How are you? No, I’m not going. The last time I went there I woke up in some castle in the Hills with a cock in my mouth and no shoes on my feet.

Yes. Some fucker stole my Pradas. I should have had insurance on those. I’m never going to get another pair on this salary.
Honey, the sugardaddy is long gone, why do you think I came back here? That cocksucker lost everything and wanted to move in with me.
I know!!!

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